Hello, my name is Zuzka

My artistic inclinations have been evident since I was a child. I have always enjoyed painting. I took part in a craft group where we made small vases in which we arranged flowers. I also made flower pots with colorful mosaics. My brother and I spent a lot of time in my grandparents' workshop making various things out of wood. 


Later I sewed, crocheted and my big hobby was photography. Since no one in my family was arts-oriented, I also ended up choosing a school with a business focus because it was the most practical school I could work with anywhere. 


In the meantime, I visited Indonesia, which was my first impulse to pursue something I enjoy. I spent some time there learning the Indonesian language and during my stay I traveled a lot and learned about the culture. There was art everywhere, people making and selling their handmade products, and something resonated with me. 

I would like to live like this, make something that makes people happy, and be happy that my work is exhibited somewhere and brightens up someone's home. 


That a piece of me is in this product. And since I'm also a very practical person, I knew it wouldn't be anything impractical that needed dusting.


And so I invented something that is practical, beautiful and unique. HEADPOTS BY ZUZANA POLTERAUER.


My love for flowers led me to create original flower pots, mostly faces with different expressions. Each shape is unique, sculpted by my hands, hand painted and fixed with varnish, so all headpots are waterproof. This piece of art will stand out anywhere in the home or office.

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